Promotional Pens Or Baseball Caps – Which One is More Effective?

Nearly every company thinks of promotional pens first when they make plans of giving away gifts in order for the public to recognize their business. It’s no wonder there are a lot of promotional pens suppliers nowadays – they have managed to come up with several designs for the most creative advertisement tools. Some have even gone the extra mile and have thrown in some custom-made promotional notepads or paperweights or even some handy-dandy pen holders. And then again, others choose baseball caps.

First, promotional pens are extremely useful, but one will need to come up really close to observe a logo. But, when people wear caps and walk down the road, a lot of other people notice the logo almost immediately, because it stands out against a usual dark blue, beige, red or black color.

Like promotional pens that come in different designs, colors, shapes and even add-on functions, baseball caps can also be personalized to bring out one’s creative side. You don’t have to be restricted to the boring old caps – some companies have gone the extra mile or two and added a fun gimmick to their caps.

Baseball caps provide more opportunities for company logo visibility, and are really more stylish than pens. Depending on your budget, you can choose how you’d like your logo to appear – embroidered, imprinted, or even patched on. Any design will work, as long as it can bring your logo and brand out into the open. So if you’re looking for a low-budget way to promote your business, try baseball caps instead.

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